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Downhill NSW/ACT State Rd3 - Stromlo [3rd Place]

What an incredible weekend the 2UP had at Canberra this weekend for Round 3 of the RedAss Downhill NSW/ACT State Series.  Let me set the scene for you…
Saturday is practice day and the gate for the steep rocky drop off section opens for the first time.  Temperature is 13 degrees and the strong wind is blowing up the mountain causing all riders to experience short landings on the jumps as it literally stops the rider in mid air.  Coming out of the bridge veers riders straight off the track.  Not a good start.
Sunday race day, is much the same, except higher winds and a very dusty dry track of about 3cm deep of ash sitting amongst the rocky garden.  During practice, bikes are getting damaged, riders are getting injured and most decide to ride safely as a priority.
Riding the DEUBEL race team is Sebastien Deubel and Marcelo Cardona, showcasing the only ALL MOUNTAIN bike racing on this 2009 World Championship downhill track.  None the less, Sebastien was able to make 3rd place in the Expert category, which currently puts him in a tie for first place in the series.  Great results for the 2UP.

We also had a special visit from 2 world class riders, Nathan Rennie and Jared Rando who were impressed by our developments.  Needless to say we were very excited by their presence.
On Monday, we then ventured off to Sparrow Hill and by changing the shock mounts, dropouts and wheels, were able to ride the podium 2UP on the fun and flowy cross country track with much ease and delight, again proving the versatility and strength of this ALL MOUNTAIN bike.
*REMINDER – stay tuned for issue 118 of Australian Mountain Bike magazine due for sale on 22nd June which will have full test review of the 2UP !!
**Also Round 4, the final race of the RedAss State Downhill Series, is on 10th July at Coffs Harbour.  We then continue with cross country racing (using the same bikes) for the Shimano MTB Grand Prix on 16th July, 14th August and 17th September organised by Rocky Trail Entertainment; Great opportunity for test riding.

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