2005 - 2018

A Deubel 2UP Customer - Story by Marcelo Cardona

“My life revolves around bikes.  I’m a MTB Coach and train different types of riders from DH to XC and I also build trails, mostly technical lines that are hard to ride and our family holidays are normally to bike parks. In summary, I just love all kinds of riding, on dirt jumps, fast XC, technical DH or just fun free-riding. The Deubel 2UP is just the weapon for me, zero flex giving me full power forward and a stable platform.

It’s been more than a year with the 2UP, which is at a point where other bikes would start to rattle and feel loose.  The Deubel 2UP after a few DH races, two bike park trips and some bad crashes, it is still solid... and I’m not as smooth of a rider as I think.

My week can be very different.  On the weekend I could be coaching a group of people, or exploring the trails in the mountain range near my house... light, nimble and all about the pedal power of the 2UP. But in mid-week I’ll change the dropouts (making it longer), change the shock mounts (making it lower) and put my big DH wheels (for more traction) in all up of about 15 minutes work, and I am off to go play with the guys at the local DH track for jumps.  This thing hugs the ground and wants speed.

Life is easy now. I can go travelling with two bikes in one.  To ride the valley trails and also to hit the chair lift assisted bike park with a turn of a 5mm allen key.”

Marcelo Cardona

Photo's by Neil Thompson