2005 - 2018

A Deubel 2UP Customer – Troy Furneaux


Troy Furneaux from QLD purchased the Deubel 2UP Feb 2015, and in his words…

“On my very first ride of the 2UP, I beat my old time through the local single track circuit by a considerable time and I’m still improving. 

I’m loving this bike. It took a few weeks to find out what set up would suit me best for what I’m doing, which is pretty much Cross Country with a bit of All Mountain.  I’ve been riding a lot of fire trail and single track stuff around 60 to 80 kms. The bike is so comfortable and feels even more rock solid with the lack of rattles from the raised chain stay. Peddling efficiency is awesome especially when attacking steep long rises out of dips and gullies - my old bike would have been bobbing and carrying on. It climbs really well on steep tricky stuff too. The suspension feels bottomless and gives me a lot of confidence launching off ledges and through rocky creek beds.

I gave the R&R Rail Trail Duathlon a crack a couple of weeks ago. It felt great making it to my 2UP at transition to cruise home. I will be signing up for the Lunacy 8 hour in Brisbane when entries open.

I was looking around for a long time before I decided on the 2UP and I rate it highly. The raised chain stay, its ability to be so customisable and being Aussie made were the three biggest draw cards for me. So far it’s all positives and zero negatives."