2005 - 2018

2UP Test Ride Testimonials

James Eldridge - rode cross country trail at Stromlo Forest Park, September 2011
"It got up the hill quite quickly.  When I saw a technical section I went right through it instead of around it, which I would not do on my bike.  Where I aimed is exactly where it went –straight!.”

Karen Hall - rider for Deubel Racing team, September 2011
"I've ridden the 2UP a number of times on both recreational rides and cross-country races. Quite simply, the bike makes me a better rider. It's fun because I can challenge myself to ride harder; it feels great from the moment you set up; it's responsive and it handles downhill and grinding uphill better than any bike I've owned. I'd recommend it to my friends without hesitation - in fact I already have.  Don't buy a bike until you've tested the Deubel 2UP - I guarantee you won't look back!."

Harrison McLean - rode four cross trail at Stromlo Forest Park, September 2011
"Its a greate bike, so good! Soaked up all the rocks and pumps. Can't fault it.  I came 3rd in my catgegory in the four cross and the 2UP went faster than in my race. Where it took me a while to try jumps on my bike, I was able to do them on the 2UP very quickly.  I felt more confident."

Alec French - rode cross country trail at Stromlo Forest Park, September 2011
"Corners really well, nice whips. I noticed there was no brake jacking when I intentionally braked in corners."

Sergio Casetta - rode cross country trail at Royal National Park, September 2011
"Very stable, very stiff frame. It rides lighter than you would expect from an all mountain bike. In the single-track section I rode I was able to throw it into the turns, and it kept it’s line far better than anything I have ever ridden. It didn’t seem to matter which line I took. I purposely took very rough lines to see how it would perform. Ruts just disappeared.  The suspension was very supple.  Overall, very impressed by the frame quality. I would use a slightly longer stem and laidback seatpost on my bike, but these are personal preferences, and do not impact on the bike as a whole."

Tom Wilson – rode the cross country trail at Stromlo, June 2011
“It looks very cool.  It is surprising how well it rides. Its dead straight, where you point is exactly where it goes.  It climbs so well and then when it comes to the descends, it goes faster than my current downhill bike - 10 out of 10.  I love it !”

Ruben Hernandez – rode the cross country trail at Lucas Heights, May 2011
“I love the look and the way it handles, the way it jumps and the way it comes off drops offs.  It climbs really well and corners really well because of the stiffness of the frame.”
Matt Turner – rode the cross country trail at Red Hill, May 2011
“It is really light and so easy to manoeuvre.  Really nice and plush for the descends.  I like the fact that it is adjustable, especially for the ALL-IN-ONE concept.  I also love the stiffness of the frame.”