2005 - 2018

Margo Peart

Cross Country Rider

What an honour and a pleasure to ride your bike today. I felt instantly comfortable from the moment I hopped on. There was none of that 'strange new bike' feeling.

As much as I absolutely love my Remedy, your bike surpasses it in quite a few respects:

  1. Your bike corners much better - turns really tight corners with ease
  2. I think your bike climbs better
  3. It is really solid on the ground - no skittishness

I think this is a bike that can do it all. I could climb up the mountain and then ride the downhill back home. If I was into jumping and free-ride I could do that too.

The Fox Float shock is beautiful. I like the through-axles.

I'm astounded that you got everything so right on your first prototype! It's a bike that I would love to ride again.

Thanks so much!


Tested by Margo, April 2010