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All Mountain NSW Series Rd 2 - Nowra - May 2012 [3rd Place]

A double 3rd Place for the 2UP at Round 2 of the NSW MTB All Mountain series. Today was the 2nd round of the NSW MTB All Mountain race in Nowra held by SCUM club, the first All Mountain series at State level. Not only does it invite downhill and cross country riders to compete in the same event, it becomes very much a race about having fun and putting the rider’s bike to the test of its capabilities, and the 2UP is loving every step of the way.  Today we had David Maggs of the Deubel Racing team come 3rd in the Expert category and lucky me also coming 3rd in the Woman’s category.  If you would like to join in on the fun, check out our calendar for future dates of the NSW MTB AM series. More Pictures.

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