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Downhill National Series Rd 2 - Mt Buller - Feb 2014 [2nd Place]

A race report by Tim Butler... "Friday was an eventful practice day, the International track was used which has Rock Gardens with tiny bits of no Rock Gardens to more Rock Gardens, which meant there were so many different lines to work out, and one section that had nearly everyone scratching their heads was relative flat but the rocks were in the right place to challenge everyone, even one Elite rider who must have picked the wrong line and slammed into a tree and smashed his femur, closing the track for a couple of hours so he could get airlifted out. 

David Maggs was fired up and keen to get a run in after doing his track walk. Hitting the track but only making it 300 meters down, coming off and dislocating his shoulder, then Pat feeling crook (I think the pressure of the No.1 plate was getting to him) but after a vomit and a run down the Copperhead trail he was firing on all cylinders again. Finished the day with a run down Klingsporn.

Saturday was an uneventful practice day thank goodness, Maggsie was contemplating racing on Sunday and decided to rest. Pat sorted out his lines after finding a few new ones on the mornings track walk, but still had dramas, as with most, on the flat rocky section, we watched many riders come down all with different lines, and decide to just take the safe line.

Sunday up early and head to the top, strong winds blowing straight up the Mountain, luckily the track didn't have any big jumps to get blown off. Maggsie had a run down Copperhead but the shoulder was too tender. Seeding, Pat had a conservative run, coming down in second place 12 seconds behind 1st, I think this was a good thing because it took the pressure off him.

Race run, told Pat just to run his own race and make it safely to the bottom. He came past me very smoothly as you’d expect on a Deubel. The result came through online, 2nd place by just under 3 seconds.  Wrapped with the result and the fact Pat made it through all the rocks safely.

Another podium and on equal points on the top of the rankings, so it will make the last round at Thredbo interesting. Hopefully Maggsie will recover quickly. "

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