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Cross Country 4hr Grand Prix Rd4 - Stromlo

As you know a few months ago Sebastien Deubel came 2nd overall in the Red Ass NSW State Downhill series, in Expert Category, riding the Australian made 2UP All Mountain bike.  In addition to this exciting achievement, the Deubel Racing team came 2nd overall last weekend for the final series of the Shimano 4hr XC Grand Prix held at Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra, riding the very same bike.

In the Deubel Racing team were Karen Hall and Sebastien Deubel competing in the Elite Mixed Team category. This world class track consists of windy lengthy climbs, nice flowing downhill turns, with a touch of rocky technical sections, a challenge the 2UP absolutely thrives on.  With over 120 competitors, cool temperatures, high winds and Mike Tomalaris as a guest MC, it was a thrilling day for everyone, including the First Aid tent who had many injured guests.  Check out more pictures Gallery.

This concludes the Cross Country racing for the 2UP this year - however it doesn’t end here.  The 2UP will be competing in the 2011/2012 MTBA Nationals with our first race held at Thredbo on 10th Dec, followed by Mount Buller on 21st Jan, Stromlo 11th Feb and finally Awaba on 3rd March.  The best part about the Nationals is not only will there be the Gravity Cup series but there will also be the All Mountain Cup which will be an absolute pleasure ride for the 2UP.  Stay tuned for those updates.

In the meantime, we have some new test ride testimonials that we hope you enjoy reading...

James Eldridge - rode cross country trail at Stromlo Forest Park, September 2011
"It got up the hill quite quickly.  When I saw a technical section I went right through it instead of around it, which I would not do on my bike.  Where I aimed is exactly where it went –straight!.”

Karen Hall - rider for Deubel Racing team, September 2011
"I've ridden the 2UP a number of times on both recreational rides and cross-country races. Quite simply, the bike makes me a better rider. It's fun because I can challenge myself to ride harder; it feels great from the moment you set up; it's responsive and it handles downhill and grinding uphill better than any bike I've owned. I'd recommend it to my friends without hesitation - in fact I already have.  Don't buy a bike until you've tested the Deubel 2UP - I guarantee you won't look back!."

Harrison McLean - rode four cross trail at Stromlo Forest Park, September 2011
"Its a great bike, so good! Soaked up all the rocks and pumps. Can't fault it. I came 3rd in my category in the four cross and the 2UP went faster than in my race. Where it took me a while to try jumps on my bike, I was able to do them on the 2UP very quickly.  I felt more confident."

 Alec French - rode cross country trail at Stromlo Forest Park, September 2011
"Corners really well, nice whips. I noticed there was no brake jacking when I intentionally braked in corners."

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