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Cross Country 4hr Grand Prix Rd3 - Dargle Farm

What a fantastic result for the 2UP last weekend at the Cross Country Shimano 4hr Grand Prix held at Dargle Farm organised by Rocky Trail Entertainment.  Racing in the Elite Mixed category was Sebastien Deubel and for the very first time, ME, Gisella Deubel. 

The beautiful 10km XC trail of Dargle Farm at Wiseman’s Ferry consists of scenic long flat single tracks and open fire trails with a slightly terrifying steep technical up hill before finishing up at timing, a track very well suited for cross country and hard tail bikes. Pictures

With Sebastien’s fasted lap time being only 28 minutes (fastest lap time for the day being 24 minutes), the 2UP was once again ready to charge anything.  Well, perhaps the 2UP wasn’t ready to charge me, because my fastest lap time was a poor 46 minutes.  Believe it or not though, we are currently in the lead for the series after 3 rounds.

The All Mountain 2UP has once again proven its high level of performance in competitive racing for both cross country and downhill, using the very same Australian made frame. 

Stay tuned for the final Round 4 of the Cross Country Shimano 4hr Grand Prix held on 24th September at Stromlo, Canberra  Great opportunity to test our demo bikes if you wish to come along.

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