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Cross Country 4hr Grand Prix Rd2 - Awaba [1st Place]

The 2UP has done it ! The All Mountain bike handmade in Australia, has won a Downhill State race and has won a Cross Country 4hr race ! 1st Place for Margo Peart and Sebastien Deubel racing the 2UP in the Elite mixed category, at the Cross Country Shimano 4hr Grand Prix held at Awaba on 16th July ! We are very proud of the 2UP considering it was racing last weekend in the Downhill NSW State series, coming 2nd overall. The results speak for themselves. The 2UP has high levels of performance in various styles of riding thanks to its adaptability. Its interchangeable shock mounts and dropouts allow the 2UP to be a weapon for both Cross Country and Downhill riding styles.

To set the scene for you, the track of Awaba is 11km of narrow single trails with a total of 240 metres in steep uphills. There were many serious riders including Jason English, the 24hr solo world champion, riding the ‘rated best Cross Country track in NSW’.

Its interesting to notice the reactions of the racers and spectators from the events we enter. At the Downhill events, people are pleasantly surprised that the 2UP is the only All Mountain bike competing and consistently on the podium.  Equally when the 2UP races Cross Country events, people are impressed by the fact we are competing using an All Mountain bike and making fast lap times.

Stay tuned for Round 3 of the Cross Country Shimano 4hr Grand Prix held on 14th August at Dargle Farm  Great opportunity to test our demo bikes if you wish to come along.

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Cross Country 4hr Grand Prix Rd2 - Awaba [1st Place]

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