2005 - 2018

2UP on the snow-covered summit of Australia

As you know, the 2UP is a success in both downhill and cross country riding, but NOW the Australian made All-Mountain bike adds to the list a ride to the highest point of Australia on the snow.  Yep, the 2UP loves challenges and the snow is no exception. 

To tell you the story…

3 friends, Garret Sherman, Clement Sokolowski and Sébastien Deubel shared a dream and travelled to the Snowy Mountains.

Ambitious mountain bike riders, their aim was, what they believe, to be the first riders to reach the snow-covered summit of Australia in winter, the Mount Kosciuszko, 2228 metres high, by following the marked cross-country ski trails. 

For the 2 day expedition they explored tough terrains and beautiful mountains, riding icy snow with 80km/h of wind and -15°C of wind chill. 

The All-Mountain bike handmade in Australia has been created for riding anything and gives you an amazing sense of freedom.

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