2005 - 2018

What a final round of the Red Ass Downhill State series with the 2UP, the Australian made All Mountain bike, taking 2nd place of the overall series in the Expert Category !  A big achievement for the 2UP, competing against some of Australia’s top Downhill riders !

The Coffs Harbour track was fast, narrow, slippery and required excellent suspension.  Practice day saw many riders out of the competition due to serious injury.  None the less, the 2UP was up for the challenge, and with the local boys taking the lead,  Sebastien Deubel made 6th position.

This completes the 2UP Downhill racing season for 2011 and we will now continue with the Cross Country Shimano 4hr Grand Prix series organised by Rocky Trail Entertainment.  Round 2 will be held this Saturday 16th at Awaba in which we will have a 2UP race team riding the very same bike used for the Downhill series, by simply changing the interchangeable shock mounts and dropouts. The 2UP is ready to race anything !